Salt Lake City Warehousing

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Many small and medium size companies need extra space to store inventory. It could be because they are stocking extra supplies for a pending project or they may have over-purchased merchandise gc san diego that was on sale. When you find that you need space to store your goods, we can help. 24 Hour Express offers Salt Lake City Warehousing. Our warehousing services include: storing goods, maintaining inventory, packaging and repackaging items, and handling & distribution of merchandise.

When storing your inventory at our facility, you can be sure that your goods are managed carefully. The 24-hour Team is qualified to handle oversized items, fragile goods, and valuables. 24 Hour Express offers reliable warehouse space where you can be confident that your goods are monitored with 24-hour security and supervision. Your merchandise is available around the clock so you will have assess to them whenever you need them.
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24 Hour Express warehouse is conveniently located in Salt Lake City where clients can easily access the facility. The import and export of goods are made easier by the fact that SLC is centrally located and is among one of the largest and most populous city in Utah.  Please call us for a price quote on Salt Lake City warehousing services: 801-330-6151.

salt lake city warehousing
More Services
Call-In Deliveries
we offer convenient 24/7 call-in services. Just email or telephone us and we will dispatch a driver to pickup your order. It’s easy and it works!
If you operate a business which ships out everyday, try our scheduled pick-up services. We can pick-up once per day, or multiple times a day.
Same Day Service
Save time and money with our same-day shipping from Ogden to Logan and Odgen to Payson. Call before 11:30 am (for Logan) or 1 pm (for Payson).
Need space to store your packages and pallets? We have a warehouse in SLC where you can store your items before shipping. Long term or short term storage.
Open 24/7
Emergency and after-hour pick up and deliveries are not a problem because we are open 24/7. Fast and reliable shipping any time of the day or night!
Mileage Runs
We deliver beyond state lines. Our regular service area is from Logan to St George but we deliver to all USA destinations outside of Utah.
White Glove
White Glove services is perfect for items that need extra care. These include antiques, valuables, heavy or bulky items, and more. Call us for details.
Helicopter / Jet
Need to deliver time-sensitive documents or packages by jet or helicopter? We offer same day delivery within the USA via direct air delivery.