24 Hour Express Delivery Courier

24 Hour Express Delivery Courier24-Hour Express Delivery Courier is the foremost courier service in Salt Lake City and the surrounding regions, built on a simple yet impactful philosophy: “Make It Happen!” Regardless of whether you require a single delivery or have as many as 20 packages, our expansive network of drivers enables us to fulfill same-day deliveries, accepting orders as late as 1:30 p.m.

Founded in May of 2004, 24-Hour Express began as a fledgling venture with just one cargo van and an unyielding aspiration to construct the most outstanding courier service in the state of Utah. Our business ethos is deeply rooted in principles of hard work, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to offering the finest services at the most competitive prices. Beau Bilbro, the company’s founder and current president, actively engages in the daily operations, ensuring that our commitment to excellence remains uncompromised.

Over the past several years, 24-Hour Express Delivery Courier has seen extraordinary growth, allowing us to diversify and extend our range of services. This expansion has been fueled by assembling an exceptional team, comprising both office staff and drivers. Guiding this team are the Vice President of the company, Cody Bilbro, along with key personnel Casey Bilbro and Carol Bilbro.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, we continue to innovate by implementing cutting-edge technology and adopting novel methods in our delivery systems. Coupled with ongoing training initiatives for our staff, this strategic approach gives us a competitive edge, contributing to our impressive growth trajectory. As we continually refine our operations and services, we remain steadfast in our goal to be the premier choice for courier services in our area.