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24 Hour Express
Same Day Service
This is what we specialize in! We have routes that cover nearly the entire state EVERY single day, multiple times.  You can get your product from Ogden to Payson the same day if you call us by 1 p.m. without paying any expediting fees and to Logan the same day if you call before 11:30 a.m.. Why take an hour out of your busy day running a package somewhere when we can have our driver who is already heading that direction deliver it for less money than you can with your time and cost of fuel?
Hot Shots
Deliveries that need to be delivered ASAP!  We dispatch a driver immediately and have him take directly to the destination.  We have a fleet of drivers who are constantly on standby to help you get your important package delivered right away.
We offer scheduled and routed deliveries for pharmacies, hospitals, distribution companies and all other type of industries. We can show up to your facility 1 time or multiple times throughout the day at certain hours to pick up all outgoing deliveries and get them delivered same day.  Or we can save you money by dedicating a driver to your route or use our network of drivers to service a wider area much faster than a single driver.  Choose a vehicle that fits your needs, from a car, cargo van, 12 foot box truck, 16 foot box truck to a 26 foot truck with a liftgate.
Call-In Deliveries
Email or call us any time you have a delivery that needs to go out and we will send a driver right over to pick it up and get it delivered.
Mileage Runs
Deliveries that are delivered outside our normal service area.  Our normal service area is from Logan to St. George but if you have a delivery going to a different state we can dedicate a vehicle to take it anywhere in the United States for you direct.
We can warehouse your product for as long or as short as you need.  If you are just out of room at your facility and need to warehouse a few pallets, we can help.  Or take advantage of our long-term warehousing rates.
Open 24/7
Their are very few couriers in the state of Utah that are open 24 hours a day so when you have an emergency in the middle of the night or on the weekend, we are here to help.
White Glove
Special needs customer? Inside delivery? Two man job? You need a White Glove Delivery service!
Helicopter/Jet Service
If the cost of shutting down a machine or plant exceeds $2,500-$5,000 a hour than you need our air service.  We are one of the only courier companies in the state of Utah that offers a SAME DAY delivery service anywhere in the United States via direct air delivery.
24 Hour Express


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24 hour express
24 hour express
Track & Manage Your Package
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Online Delivery System
Use our online system to both schedule and track shipments.  Want your proof of delivery right away?  We can set up your account to immediately email you the person’s name that signed for your package as soon as it is delivered. There is no more worrying about getting a phone call from your customer 30 days or 6 months later saying they want a proof of delivery or they aren’t paying for the product because our system keeps the information for every delivery forever.

About 24 Hour

24 Hour Express has quickly become Utah’s premier courier service, providing various same- day services to both companies and residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Each service provided is carefully carried out by a team of specially trained drivers, assuring complete quality and reliability with each and every delivery.

24 Hour Express began in May of 2004, when Beau Bilbro, the President and CEO of the company, decided to create a cheaper, more reliable alternative to courier services that were always overpriced and never on time. Together, with the help of a few tested and proven workers, Beau and his brother, Cody, set out to provide Utah with a business model shaped around a tried and true philosophy – to ‘Make It Happen!’

It all began with a single cargo van and a driven desire to build a successful company from the ground up. The company secured it’s first and only client, providing a base on which to build additional legs and take 24 Hour Express to the next level. Client by client, truckload by truckload, the company has become the face of reliability and quality for courier services.

Today, over 12 years later, 24 Hour Express has entire fleets of cars, vans, box trucks and straight trucks. In addition, 24 Hour Express has partnered with a variety of companies to provide shipping via helicopter or jet, assuring your package is always delivered on time. Whether you have 1 package or 20 pallets, our team can get the job done!
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Who We Are
Beau Bilbro
Founder & President
About Beau
Leading the team is Beau Bilbro, the President and CEO of 24 Hour Express. Beau is a talented entrepreneur with a heavy background in management and aggressive expansion, leading his own companies to massive growth and other established companies to an impressive increase in sales. His first venture began before he had even graduated from high school, when he was given the opportunity to clean a local steak house. Beau excelled in his work, resulting in several more restaurant contracts. To balance the growing workload, Beau hired a few workers who helped him clean the various restaurants from midnight to 5 AM each night. They would then go home, rest for an hour and a half, and then get ready for school. For several years, Beau continued to grow his cleaning business until he made the decision to step down to accept a service position at his church. For two years, Beau filled a variety of roles for his church, serving as a leader to assure the daily operations ran smoothly. Upon his return, he was recruited by a sales company, where he quickly worked his way to the top. Within the first year of his employment, he had become one of the top sellers of the company, ensuring a lifelong passion for sales and people skills that would come into play throughout his career at 24 Hour Express. After a few years in sales, Beau realized that his true passion was entrepreneurship, and so he turned to once again build a company from the ground up. Thus began 24 Hour Express, Utah’s premier courier service. Today, Beau manages the day to day operations of 24 Hour Express and directly oversees the employees and client satisfaction.
Cody Bilbro
Vice President
About Cody
Cody Bilbro, the current Vice President of 24 Hour Express, has also served a key role, managing the operations to help it grow from a single van to a multi-million dollar company. Cody has a college education with a focus on finance. As such, he has overseen the companies financials and helps clients find the most reasonable, affordable solution for their shipping needs. Cody also works with high-ticket clients to solidify contracts for discounted shipping rates, assuring the absolute best prices for clients across the board. Before joining 24 Hour Express, Cody also had the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles for his church, where he was sent to Brazil, learned Portuguese and developed people skills that he would later utilize daily to assure absolute client satisfaction. Today, Cody works directly with the drivers of the company, overseeing the long term operations of 24 Hour Express. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn baby girl.
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